Friday, January 28, 2011

MGOC Contributors in RT Book Reviews

Nicole Peeler's YA novel Tempest's Legacy received 4.5 stars in the Urban Fantasy category in the January 2011 issue of RT Book Reviews. It was also a January Top Pick.

Also, both Susan Mallery and Tess Gerritsen are RT Award nominees for Career Achievement: Susan in the Mainstream category and Tess in the Mystery, Suspense and Thriller category.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

MGOC Contributor News: Michael Bracken's Recent Publications

"Southern Comfort" (crime fiction) in Big Pulp, Winter, 2010

"Wet Work" (crime fiction) in Out of the Gutter 7

"Reprieve" (erotic crime fiction) in I Like to Watch (Cleis Press)

"Love And A Hula Girl Lamp" (confession) in True Confessions, January, 2011

"Lipstick in the Rain" (erotic crime fiction) in Under the Desert Sky (Xcite); this anthology also includes a story by one of his pseudonyms

Michael will be at the Puerto Vallarta Writers Conference (Mexico) during February 25 - 27, 2011. Check the Events Sidebar for more of his appearances.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

MGOC Contributors in Low-Residency MFA Handbook

Several Seton Hill Writers and Many Genres, One Craft contributors are part of the Low-Residency MFA Handbook: A Guide for Perspective Creative Writing Students by Lori A. May. This guide offers prospective graduate students an in-depth preview of low-residency creative writing MFA programs, as well as interviews with program directors, faculty, alumni, and current students.

Low-Residency MFA Handbook by Lori A. May

Here is the full list of Seton Hill Writers:
Shelley Bates (Shelley Adina)*
Matt Duvall*
Natalie Duvall*
Heidi Ruby Miller*
Jason Jack Miller*
Cynthia Ravinski
Nicole Taft
Albert Wendland*

* - also a MGOC contributor

Lori is a part-time writing instructor and a member of the AWP, MLA, and the Michigan College English Association. She is a frequent guest lecturer and workshop presenter at writers' conferences and graduate writing programs. In addition to her freelance writing, Lori is the author of Moving Target (Athena Force), The Profiler, and stains: early poems. More information about her is available online at

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

MGOC Extra Essay: Yoga and Writing by Heidi Ruby Miller

A writer's life can be active: speaking at conferences, attending book signings, giving interviews. But, most of my time is spent typing at my laptop or sketching out ideas in a notebook. Long hours of this sedentary type of work causes muscle strain and headaches. It doesn't help that I also inherited migraine headaches from my mother.

When I become focused on what's going onto the page, I no longer pay attention to my posture. Without realizing it, I'm soon hunching over the keyboard, sometimes remaining in the same position for an hour or two, and even clenching my jaw. To soothe my cramped hands and alleviate the crook in my neck, I do yoga.

The practice of yoga began thousands of years ago in India. The same poses are still taught today around the globe. Gyms, fitness centers, and spas offer instructor-led classes for groups while many personal trainers now include some yoga in regimes for private clients. Novices can also teach themselves through a variety of media such as cable fitness programs, DVDs, and books.

For a decade I have maneuvered my body through poses and stretches in order to work out the muscle kinks caused by daily life. When I started writing full time six years ago, sticking to a daily yoga routine provided me with benefits beyond keeping limber and honing my balance.

Practicing yoga for one half hour a day forces me to leave the computer behind both physically and mentally. This break is part of my everyday schedule, as important to me as meeting a deadline because it has become a step in my writing process.

One of yoga's basic tenets is breath. We breathe constantly, yet seldom do we take the time to concentrate on our breath, to be in the present moment. For writers, breath can be both the literal action of inhaling and exhaling, but also the metaphorical stirring of creativity.

Sustained yoga breathing allows me to focus on what's happening at that moment without worrying about what still needs to be done or what transpired earlier. I stretch my limbs, lower my heart rate, and clear my mind. Breathing through poses with names like upward facing dog, butterfly, and warrior one, reminds me about the whimsy in life and never to underestimate the value and strength of even the smallest part of our world or my creative musings.

Since I've been doing yoga for many years I've learned to customize my practice every day. Depending on which muscles need the most attention and just how sore they are, I concentrate on specific poses and determine how long a session should last. I always end with savasana, a resting pose where I lay flat on my back and allow all of my muscles to relax and "sink into the ground," starting at the tips of my toes.

After a yoga session, I feel confident and rested. Because I am refreshed mentally and renewed physically, my creativity rises, and I look forward to sitting down to write again. I can look at my goals realistically and work on completing them one at a time, even if that involves hours at the keyboard or hours signing books at the local bookstore.

("Yoga and Writing" originally appeared at The Magic River, Nov. 2009.)

Heidi Ruby Miller is also the author of "The Surrender" in The Best of Every Day Fiction.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MGOC Contributor News: Mary SanGiovanni's Novel Thrall

MANY GENRES, ONE CRAFT contributor Mary SanGiovanni's new novel Thrall is coming out from Thunderstorm Books.

You can pre-order it now!

Thrall_Mary SanGiovanni
Thrall by Mary SanGiovanni

"Thrall is a feast of both visceral and existential horror—the gut tightens and the mind reels. Mary SanGiovanni joins that select cadre of women writers who are ignoring the safe old tropes and pushing the genre in new directions."
—F. Paul Wilson

Other works by Mary SanGiovanni:
Found You
The Hollower
Under Cover of Night

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Many Links, One Book

A lot of exciting things will be happening with Many Genres, One Craft as we get closer and closer to publication later this Spring. There are several ways to stay connected with us so you won't miss a beat...
You can also pass along postings to twitter, google buzz, and on your blog through the buttons at the bottom of each post. If you know a writer who might like -- or even need -- this book, don't hesitate to pass a link to this blog along to them!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

MGOC Contributor News: David J. Corwell in Dia de los Muertos Anthology

MANY GENRES, ONE CRAFT contributor David J. Corwell's "Susto" is among short stories featured in Día de los Muertos: A Day of the Dead Anthology from Elektrik Milk Bath Press and edited by Angela Charmaine Craig.

Día de los Muertos edited by Angela Charmaine Craig

A book release party will be held on Saturday, January 8, 2011 at Little Shops on the Rio Grande (1507 Rio Grande Blvd. NW, Albuquerque, NM):

Reception - 3:00 PM
Program/Reading - 3:45PM
Signing - 4:00-5:00 PM

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Many Genres, One Craft Events Schedule

An events list for Many Genres, One Craft and its contributors is now available on the sidebar. Here are some upcoming events specific to the book:

Taipei International Book Exhibition
Taipei, Taiwan - February 9 - 14, 2011

Grub Street
Boston, MA - April 30, 2011
Contributors: Tess Gerritsen and Lynn Salsi

Pennwriters Conference
Pittsburgh, PA - May 12 - 15, 2011
Contributors Michael A. Arnzen, Natalie Duvall, Matt Duvall, Timons Esaias, Heidi Ruby Miller, Jason Jack Miller, and Victoria Thompson will provide an all-day, intensive workshop. Details to come.

Book Expo America
New York City - May 26, 2011
Heidi Ruby Miller and Jason Jack Miller will represent and sign copies of Many Genres, One Craft.

WPF In Your Write Mind Conference and Retreat
Greensburg, PA - June 23 - 26, 2011
Official launch of Many Genres, One Craft. Contributors and publisher will provide workshops. Details to come.

Context 24
Columbus, OH - August 26 - 28, 2011
Many Genre, One Craft contributors will be providing a day-long workshop. Details to come.

Frankfurt Book Fair
Frankfurt, Germany - October 12 - 16, 2011

West Virginia Book Festival
Charleston, WV - October 22 - 23, 2011

We will update our events on a regular basis, so check back often!