Wednesday, August 7, 2013

MGOC Contributor News: Patrick Picciarelli's Undercover Cop: How I Brought Down the Real-Life Sopranos

Many Genres One Craft contributor Patrick Picciarelli's new book "Undercover Cop: How I Brought Down the Real-Life Sopranos" from Thomas Dunne Books (St. Martin's Press) is getting some favorable reviews and a nice 2-page spread in the New York Daily News:

Publisher's Weekly had this to say about the book:
“Billed as a true-crime version of The Sopranos, the story of Russell’s violent life as an undercover cop cum trusted associate of the Genovese crime clan in Newark, N.J., has more plot twists than the acclaimed TV series. In fact, Russell predates Tony Soprano and company by a longshot—he was the subject of an HBO documentary that aired in the late ’80s, and his is a thrill-a-minute tale. Within the first 20 pages, Russell’s taken a bullet to the head, fended off a would-be corpse robber, and stumbled out of an alley to find help. Soon after, he returns to the tough work of weaseling his way back into the arms of the Mafia. Written in a street-savvy style reminiscent of Elmore Leonard and Mario Puzo, the nail-biting narrative moves from one crisis to another as Mikey Ga-Ga—his nom de guerre—infiltrates a profitable crew while rubbing shoulders with capos and bosses, all under intense mob scrutiny. Russell’s bravery and professionalism—along with some crucial surveillance—eventually led to the busts of more than 50 “wiseguys” and public officials. This tell-all page-turner is all the better for being true.”—Publishers Weekly

You can also catch an archived radio interview with Pat regarding the book at: