Thursday, February 10, 2011

MGOC Contributor News: Michael Arnzen's Gorelets Omnibus

To celebrate the first decade of poetry and other bizarre musings from Michael Arnzen's site, he is releasing The Gorelets Omnibus this year. The Omnibus will feature about 200 poems, 5 critical articles by guest scholars, a variety of snippets and lists, lost art, early unpublished drafts, new poems written exclusively for this edition, and more.

The ebook will be offered through To be notified of its release, all you need to do is subscribe to his Goreletter.

Mike also has a story in the upcoming issue of The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction, edited by John Skipp. He read this same story at the Bizarro Day Event at Backlist Books.

You can learn more at Mike's new Gorelets Facebook page:

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  1. Thanks to the folks who signed up to my newsletter or came to my new facebook page after reading this post! Appreciate it. I wanted to pass a long a quick update: The Gorelets Omnibus will be held back till Halloween season, to coordinate with a potential print edition I'm in discussion with a publisher about.