Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MGOC Contributor News: Natalie Duvall in Romance Writers Report

Many Genres, One Craft contributor Natalie Duvall has an article titled "One Degree to Publication?" in this month's Romance Writers Report which talks about her experiences in the Seton Hill University MFA program. She interviewed several Seton Hill Writers and Many Genres contributors to see how pursuing the graduate degree has helped them and their writing. Among those interviewed were:

Sally Bosco
Penny Dawn
Venessa Giunta
Cheryl Grey
Nikki Hopeman
Dana Marton
Barbara J. Miller
Donna Munro
Irene L. Pynn
Maria V. Snyder
Albert Wendland


  1. Great idea, Natt! Congrats on getting your article published in RWR!! Awesome....
    Meg Mims