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Many Genres One Craft Virtual Book Tour (VBT)

Our recent VBT stops for Many Genres, One Craft are:

Stop: At Your Fingertips
At Your Fingertips highlights the work of author Tamela Quijas and that of her fellow authors, but isn’t only about the latest romance novels on the market. Stay for a while and you’ll find her reviews on a variety of books and movies, fantastic author interviews, sneak peeks into upcoming book releases, recipes, as well as being granted a private look into Tamela's world.
Host: Tamela Quijas
Tamela is a romance author that loves to write–from paranormal to contemporary romances and an occasional cookbook. Her work includes the novels Blood Moon, Blood of the Beast, My Lord Raven, Angel's Fire Demon's Blood.
Event: Book Review
Ratio of Romance - Crystal B. Bright
Contributor: Crystal B. Bright

Stop: Damsels in Regress
Jennifer, Emilie, and Tricia met while they were graduate students in Seton Hill University's Writing Popular Fiction program. They bonded over their love for children's and young adult fiction, especially all types of historical fiction, and their desire to see their books in print.
Host: Patricia B. Tighe
Tricia is currently writing the sequel to a young adult historical fantasy set in 1890s Belgium. In An Inherited Evil, 18-year-old Mathieu Korsten must discover the secrets of his grandmother’s past to end a curse that could take his life.
Event: Patrice Lyle Interview
C. Coco DeYoung Interview

Stop: Free Cotton
Providing discussion, tips, and marketing for education on all levels.
Host: Teffanie Thompson White
Teffanie Thompson White played with pen in hand. When pen was absent, she scratched words on ashen legs. She either taught class or wrote books, which she still does. Her picture book manuscripts, Bug Talk and For Tents and Ribbons, have been adapted into onstage ballets. Teffanie co-authors and co-publishes pictureless books.
Event: Educational Tips
Contributor: Jason Jack Miller

Stop: Kelly A. Harmon: Moving on to Fiction...
Kelly A. Harmon shares thoughts on leaving the newspaper business to freelance and write fiction, as well as gives tips on writing and attending writing conferences.
Host: Kelly A. Harmon
Kelly A. Harmon used to write truthful, honest stories about authors and thespians, senators and statesmen, movie stars and murderers. Now she writes lies, which is infinitely more satisfying, but lacks the convenience of doorstep delivery, especially on rainy days.
Event: Many Genres, One Craft: Writing Conferences
Contributor: KJ Howe

Stop: The Secret Writer
The Secret Writer blog is an attempt to bring readers, writers and authors together from all parts of the world to one 'Virtual Place', in order to review and promote the many different types of books and other literary material that is being generated today, or that has been written in the past.
Host: Calum
Calum has always enjoyed reading and writing. He is now preparing to venture on the journey down the path of writing his first novel!
Event: Book Overview
Contributor Overview
Writing Under a Pseudonym by Dana Marton
Contributor: Dana Marton

There's still time to be a host. Email Heidi Ruby Miller at for details!

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