Monday, June 20, 2011

Many Genres event at the HWA's 2011 Stoker Award Weekend

Many Genres authors Michael Arnzen, Sally Bosco, Lawrence C. Connolly, and David Morrell were in attendance at the Horror Writers Association's annual Bram Stoker Award Weekend in Uniondale, NY, where a book signing and open discussion was held. Arnzen read from his contribution, "Genre Unleashed"; Sally Bosco described her chapter on Manga and her experiences in the Seton Hill University Writing Popular Fiction MFA program and Lawrence Connolly discussed the profession of teaching and its relation to writing. In addition to the signing, Michael also gave a writing workshop called "Horror Unbound" which referenced his chapter on "Psyching Out Readers" from Many Genres.

A few photos are below -- to view more photos from throughout the entire weekend, check out Mike Arnzen's new social networking home page:

Audience members included Seton Hill alums Kristin Dearborn and Paul Popiel.

Arnzen, Connolly and Bosco pose for a photo after their book talk.

Fun at the book signing...the book's size impressed all.

David Morrell at the mass autograph signing (seated: Peter Straub).

Seton Hill faculty and alums together took a day trip to Amityville to visit the famous horror house.

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