Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MGOC Contributor News: Adrea Peters and Teffanie White Launch Pictureless Books AlphaTapp App


A B S O L U T E L Y !

Pictureless Books, a Kindle e-book series by co-authors Teffanie T. White and Adrea L. Peters that plays with the alphabet to inspire humans and honor the immense power of well-chosen words, launches AlphaTapp App for iPhones, iPads and iPods today. The AlphaTapp App features alphabetically organized vocabularies that uplift, surprise, teach, question, provoke and pay homage to positive words, and will allow users to:

Spell a word to create a good word anagram or acronym
Email an entire good word or love card to someone special
Post a word to a friend’s Facebook page or on their own
Shuffle or Shake the deck for a surprisingly good word

The App is based upon Pictureless Books’ series of science, math, wellness, art, and learning inspired e-books, and their encouraging alphabets.

I is for Invigorated and I is for Inspiration (the i m a g i n a t i o n series)
W is for Walnut (w e l l n e s s series)
E is for El Nino (the e x p l o r e series)
C is for Canvas (the c a n v a s series)
A is for Apple and A is for Angel (the a n g e l series)
N is for Never Night and Ur Txtbk (the n o t h i n g series)

Each Pictureless Book is individually priced at $2.99 on AlphaTapp, which bundles the categories into six digital decks of cards, is also $2.99 for a promotional period.

The words in each deck and e-book are arranged to emphasize the word in its purest form, without pictures. “We’ve chosen to promote imagination by emphasizing words, one letter at a time. We hope this will inspire the player’s mind to wander and conjure very personal images and meanings,” White said.

White and Peters are often asked how they select their words. “Beyond loving words and avoiding obvious new-age inspiration that’s been done before, all of our words must pass through a filter: Is it fun? Does it feel good? Does it ignite my imagination?” said Peters.

White used the idea for good words as inspiration more than a decade ago when she was teaching in inner city Houston. After months of negative energy in the classroom, White resolved to change her life and theirs purely through new vocabulary.

“We began using positive, inventive words to end each class,” said White. “Every student had to come up with a positive new vocabulary word each day – but no trite words or repeats were allowed. The entire exercise was life-affirming for every person in the room.”

White allowed this “big idea” to marinate for years until she met co-author Adrea Peters at Seton Hill’s writing popular fiction program in 2005. Peters brought White’s vision to life through a hardcover Pictureless Books prototype that she designed as a gift for White. Together, they imagined and then created a book series that would be accessible, affordable and environmentally responsible.

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  1. g o o d w o r d r e v o l u t i o n! thanks, heidi!

  2. NEAT! I love wordplay w/tech like this. Fun stuff, using the medium well. Good luck with the app!

  3. You're welcome, Teffanie!

    It's such a cool project.