Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Many Genres One Craft Virtual Book Tour (VBT) - September

Our recent VBT stops for Many Genres, One Craft are:

Stop: Born to Write
Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction! Alexa Grave reviews books, comments on the craft of writing, and talks about her own journey as a writer.
Host: Alexa Grave
Alexa Grave is a fantasy writer trying to break into the cut-throat market. She has a Master of Arts degree in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. And please, at least pretend you think some of the stuff she says in her blog is funny - it makes her feel a little less like a dork.
Event: Lee Allen Howard - Horror and Sci-Fi
MGOC Series on Fantasy (and Science Fiction)- Heidi Ruby Miller
MGOC Series on Fantasy (and Science Fiction) - K. Ceres Wright
MGOC Series on Fantasy - Mike Mehalek
MGOC Series on Fantasy - Chun Lee
MGOC Series on Fantasy - David J. Corwell
Contributor: Lee Allen Howard
Heidi Ruby Miller
K. Ceres Wright
Mike Mehalek
Chun Lee
David J. Corwell

Stop: Gorelets
Michael Arnzen's weblog and Bram Stoker award-winning newsletter features a department of weird, sick and crazy "prompts" (a.k.a. "story starters") for creative writers working on the dark side.
Host: Michael A. Arnzen
Our co-editor of Many Genres One Craft teaches in the Writing Popular Fiction MFA program at Seton Hill University. He holds four Bram Stoker Awards for his often funny, always disturbing horror fiction. Visit him at http://gorelets.com to find out more.
Event: Dark Promptings - Matt Duvall
Dark Promptings - Lee Allen Howard
Dark Promptings - Natalie Duvall
Dark Promptings - Michael Bracken
Dark Promptings - Sally Bosco
Dark Promptings - Mary SanGiovanni
Dark Promptings - Jason Jack Miller
Matt Duvall
Lee Allen Howard
Natalie Duvall
Michael Bracken
Sally Bosco
Mary SanGiovanni
Jason Jack Miller

Stop: Heidi Ruby Miller
Read author interviews and thoughts about the blended genre of Science Fiction Romance at Heidi Ruby Miller's blog.
Host: Heidi Ruby Miller
Heidi Ruby Miller writes stories where the relationship is as important as the adventure, just like in her debut SF Romance novel AMBASADORA. She is co-editor of MANY GENRES, ONE CRAFT.
Event: HEIDI'S PICK SIX: Mike Mehalek
HEIDI'S PICK SIX: Elaine Ervin
HEDI'S PICK SIX: John DeChancie
Contributors:Mike Mehalek
Russ Howe
Elaine Ervin
John DeChancie
Kaye Dacus

Stop: Join Me in the Madhouse
Horror Poet, Abstract Artist and aspiring author / Huge movie addict and paranormal junkie
Host: Stephanie Wytovich
Stephanie has had numerous poems, short stories, and artwork published.numerous
Event: Review Part 1
Review Part 2
Review Part 3
Review Part 4

Stop: Kate N. Ryan, Romance AuthorWatching You Sleep--Comic book store-owner Abigail “Abby” Kirkman believes her life complete. She runs a successful business, has a fantastic studio apartment above her store, and lives in a picturesque sea-side town. Life is perfect unless you count the insomnia, and the fact that her last boyfriend dumped her to take a promotion in another city. So a few little bumps, but nothing she can’t handle.
Host: Kate N. Ryan
Kate and Ryan are living their own happily ever after in Western Washington with their son on a small acreage, combining geek enthusiasm with modern homesteading.
Event: They Call Me a Romance Writer: Adina Senft
They Call Me a Romance Writer: Crystal B. Bright
They Call Me a Romance Writer: Dana Marton
Contributors: Adina Senft
Crystal B. Bright
Dana Marton

Stop: The Non-Reader Horror Survey
The Non-Horror Reader Survey is a site meant to help change the image of Horror literature. It is a place for Horror writers to see how those outside their fan base perceive the genre and a place where they can help set the record straight.
Host: W. D. Prescott
W. D. Prescott has a B.A. in Creative Writing and Musical Theory and Composition from Bard College at Simon’s Rock College and a M. A. in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. Writer of just about anything, from stories in Tainted Tales of Terror and the Supernatural to his humorous site Eldritch Thoughts to columns on writing Horror for Sonar 4 Ezine. He also runs The Non-Horror Reader Survey.W.D. Prescott
Event: Bountiful Bits with Lee Allen Howard
Dead Bits with Tennessee Hicks
Memorable Bits with Michael Bracken
Ecto Bits with Scott A. Johnson
Sketchy Bits with Sally Bosco
Contributors: Lee Allen Howard
Tennessee Hicks
Michael Bracken
Scott A. Johnson
Sally Bosco

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