Thursday, October 27, 2011

MGOC Blog Hop with Jeremy Bates for Halloween

Many Genres will be participating with other bloggers this Halloween weekend for Jeremy Bates' Halloween Hop!

We'll be giving away one signed, hardcover copy of our writing guide Many Genres, One Craft (US only)!

Just leave a comment here and Tweet:

Check out Many Genres by @MikeArnzen and @heidirubymiller -

Or post the same to your Facebook page, but provide the link in your comment here so we can find you!

Happy Halloween!!

posted by heidi


  1. Over for the hop mentioned above. I am a dark fiction author myself.

    Today on The Demon Stole My Pencil -- an interview with editing legend Ellen Datlow.

    I have also linked up a bunch of other spooky posts for the hop. Hope to see you hop on by.


  2. Nice to meet you. Just passing by from the Halloween Hop.

  3. Halloween Hop!
    Hi! The scariest book I've ever read was "IT". It reached deep into my subconsciousness and scared the heck out of me! For Halloween I'll be dragging out my Elmo snuggy for my couch potato costume.


  4. Halloween Hop

    I want to thank Jeremy Bates for the chance to participate in this blog hop.

    My Favorite monster movie - Hellraiser
    My Costume - Dragon (well the wings of a dragon and the rest is my sexy self)
    And I am now following this Blog (yay)

    I have read quite a few of the posts on this blog and I do believe I shall
    be reading more as I have found them interesting to say the least. I hope that my participation brings this blog more visitors and that those turn into more readers for this blog's future. Thanks for being a participant and for those visiting this blog for the first time. Please comment, that is what we bloggers live for. :)

    ****Promoting my own Blog****

    Free Book Reviews is a blog that reviews indie books, interviews indie authors and generally talks about whatever amuses them in the literary world. If you are an author please feel free to submit your book for review and/or an author interview. If you are a reader feel free to check out any book listed on our blog. In any case please share this blog with as many people as you can!

  5. Halloween Hop! I am a horror writer, and it is refreshing to see a set of lessons tuned for genre writers. Thanks!

    As for the Hop, my favorite Halloween movie is Pumpkinhead and my favorite scary novel is The Haunting of Hill House.


  6. Just a quickie note to readers of the Halloween hop: the last "Dark Promptings" entry of inspiration for horror and crime writers just went live on my website at

  7. Dropping by for the Halloween hop :-)

    My favourite scary movie or book...erm well i'm not really a fan of anything scary to be honest lol! A total wimp! Though i did manage to sit through Sleepy Hollow- Johnny Depp had a lot to do with that :-D

    This year i won't be dressing up until next month when i go and visit my sister in Scotland. Not a clue what i'm going to wear

    New follower here :-)


  8. wow, how aewsome!
    too bad i dont tweet =)

    HaPpY HaLLoWeeN!

  9. Holy Cow! I love self-help books on writing!

    So glad I wandered over from Jeremy's house/blog.

    consider me entered. *elbows into Tara's ribs*
    and ignore that person behind the curtain.
    Me! Me! ME!

  10. Nice to meet you!

    I’m here visiting from Jeremy Bates' blog hop, and I love your blog!

    My favorite scary book is IT (scared the crap out of me as a kid), movie that horrified me most was Rob Zombie’s remake of Halloween, and I did not dress up this year, because I suck. One of my favorite costumes in the past was "Dead Baby Roller Blades."

    Happy Halloween! If you decide to return the visit, I'm at

  11. stopping by late bc something took me out of the city for a couple days, but hope u had a good weekend--and hop!
    my favorite horror movie is the shining, or alien...they're too different to only pick one!
    c u around online!