Monday, November 7, 2011

Many Genres: Named One of This Year's 10 Terrific Writing Books by The Writer Magazine

We are so happy to announce that Many Genres, One Craft:Lessons in Writing Popular Fiction (Headline Books, Inc.) was named #5 in 10 of This Year's Terrific Writing Books by The Writer Magazine in their December 2011 issue!

Mike and Heidi would like to congratulate all the contributors for making this truly the only writing guide you'll ever need.

posted by heidi


  1. Awesome news and well-deserved! Congrats. I'm very happy to have been a part of this. Seton Hill is lucky to have you (and by extension, me.)

  2. Congratulations, and special thanks to Heidi and Mike for spearheading the project and for their wonderful editing job!

  3. So nice to be recognized by the industry for the hard work and snappy, in-depth articles. Congrats to our esteemed editors Heidi & Mike.