Monday, January 16, 2012

Arnzen's New Book Features "How-To" Articles and Dark Prompts

A quick note from Many Genres co-editor, Mike Arnzen...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Many thanks to everyone who has read Many Genres, One Craft over the past six months, and who has been posting reviews, sharing comments, and sending feedback. As editors, Heidi and I are thrilled that the collection has received awards but it is even more rewarding to us to know that the book is making a difference in writers' lives.

I wanted to let you all know about something special in my newest book, The Gorelets Omnibus, which is a "collected works" volume of all my twisted horror poems from and elsewhere over the past decade. I'm proud of the book, which includes not only hundreds of pages of short-short horror poetry (reminiscent of the flash fiction from my book, 100 Jolts), but also -- available only in the special hardcover edition -- a variety of miscellaneous pieces that should inspire anyone who is interested in writing dark fiction or adding a little strangeness to their work.

For instance, there are five articles written by scholars from America and the UK, analyzing what makes the poems tick and what makes today's "new media" horror special. There is also a collection of "how to" articles on the crafting of horror poetry that I've published over the years. And -- perhaps best of all for the creative writers reading this -- this book includes the entire collection of my "Instigation" prompts from over the past ten years (including the impossible to find Instigation columns from Hellnotes magazine from years ago).

In other words: though it isn't apparent on the cover, the hardcover edition of this book hides a short-course from me in writing horror. If you're a horror/mystery/dark fantasy author, I think this book will prompt your dark imagination in ways you might appreciate, even if you have no interest in poetry. (Though look out, future Poes and Lovecrafts -- this collection might change your mind!)

End of the sales pitch. Go check it out at Raw Dog Screaming Press (if you act quick, you might be able to get a collector's item bonus for pre-ordering!) or sign up for my newsletter on for insight into what this book has to offer.

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