Friday, June 1, 2012

Many Genres, Many Awards -- An Update

Last June, we had a phenomenal book event at the Seton Hill University writer's workshop, celebrating the launch of our collection, Many Genres, One Craft: Lessons in Writing Popular Fiction. As we come up on our one year anniversary, we're honored to note that the book has been doing so well, receiving so many accolades from readers, teachers, students and reviewers... and even awards from the publishing industry.

Here are the awards we've been fortunate to receive:

We're proud of our contributors and owe it all to them. Every testimony we've heard has been positive about the book and the lessons it has to teach.

In other news:

Our publisher, Headline Books, is looking into releasing an ebook edition in the near future. Considering how hefty and voluminous this title is, that is sure to be a treat.

We'll have copies of Many Genres for sale and signing once again at the In Your Write Mind alumni workshop at Seton Hill U in Greensburg, PA, on Friday, June 22nd, 2012. 7-10pm.

The editors have new books out, so if you don't hear from us here as often as you'd expect, come on by our individual websites to learn more about what we're up to. Heidi's latest book is Greenshift and you can learn more about it at Michael's latest is The Gorelets Omnibus, and you can visit him at Chances are very good that if either of us are at a convention or publishing event, we will be talking about Many Genres somewhere on the program, or will have copies of the book with us to show you or sell if you'd like one. Of course, the book remains in print and is available to order online from amazon or your favorite bookseller -- see our "Ordering" page for more information.

Thank you to everyone for sharing their reactions online and in person... it means a lot to us to know that the book is helping you write. There are many genres, one craft to study...but you also have many stories to write...especially the one you're working on right now. So go -- get to it... and persist!

-- Michael Arnzen & Heidi Ruby Miller

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