Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MGOC Contributor News: David Morrell's New Books

Many Genres, One Craft contributor David Morrell has two new books out in his popular culture series.

Frank Sinatra: The Artist And His Music

Did you know that Frank Sinatra was permanently scarred from birth and never went anywhere without using pancake makeup … that in his youth this supposedly self-taught singer took voice lessons from a Metropolitan opera singer … that he learned breath control by swimming underwater and mentally singing lyrics?

These are only some of the little-known revelations in this e-work. Based on more than forty years of listening and reading, it provides an in-depth analysis of Sinatra’s music and shows why this troubled high-school dropout came to be justly called the greatest interpretative singer in the recording era. After you read this, you might never listen to Sinatra or any other singer the same way again.


Nelson Riddle: The Man Behind The Music

Frank Sinatra. Nat “King” Cole. Ella Fitzgerald. Judy Garland. Peggy Lee. Rosemary Cloony. Linda Ronstadt. No matter their various styles, these and other iconic popular singers had one thing in common — much of their best work was arranged by Nelson Riddle, whose fame within the world of arrangers rivaled that of the legends for whom he wrote. Indeed, some critics maintain that, if not for Riddle, Sinatra might not have overcome his mid-career failure and climbed to the superstar status that he eventually attained.

This e-work describes the career of a musical genius, who changed popular music and proved that a great arranger is as important as a great song and a great singer. At its core is the irony that a man whose music is described as “light” and “bright” should have been so bitter and disappointed in his life.


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