Monday, May 9, 2011

MGOC Contributor News: Scott A. Johnson's Pages: Book Two of the Stanley Cooper Chronicles

Many Genres, One Craft contributor Scott A. Johnson's latest release is Pages: Book Two of the Stanley Cooper Chronicles.

Stanley Cooper was an ordinary guy until an industrial accident left him clinically dead for three minutes. Now, he sees the dead everywhere he goes. In fact, he sees the energy created by all living things, an ability he’s not certain is a gift or a curse.

Pittsburgh is a city known for three things: Football, hockey, and zombies. What starts with a strange package in the mail escalates to horrific proportions as the dead rise up and walk again. Only this time, they’re not in the movies. They’re real. It’s up to Stanley Cooper, the reluctant clairvoyant, to figure out where they’re coming from, what they want, and what it all has to do with a curious book that shouldn’t exist. More important, it’s up to Stanley and his friends to figure out how to stop it. This is the non-stop horror-noir thriller, PAGES
PAGES is the second book of the wildly popular Stanley Cooper Chronicles, the follow-up to VERMIN.

In a sea of urban fantasy/horror novels about supernaturally inclined protagonists, I thought Stanley Cooper really stood out.
--Kristin Dearborn on VERMIN: Book One of the Stanley Cooper Chronicles

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